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That Encouragement You Need


You never know how or when it’ll come, but that encouragement you need could be just around the corner!

Everyone gets spiritually jaded, even those who apparently don’t believe in God.

Recently whilst I was off ‘cooking tea’ at the local Wok-in-a-Box, dealing with a spiritual torpor of quite discouraging proportions, I found myself agitated as I waited for the food to be cooked. Good Morning Quotes And Images I’m always one to make the most of every moment, and the down side to that is downtime comes at a real premium.

As my eyes roamed around the restaurant I saw the obligatory pile of magazines and thought perhaps I might find a charge of inspiration thumbing through them; modelling and car magazines mostly…

Then I saw something sent from God; a neatly arranged spread of five Joyce Meyer Ministries magazines!

Something occurred instantly. God said to me, « I am with you,  » as I flicked through an article by Meyer discussing intimacy with God. No sooner had I been struck by this wonderfully encouraging revelation my name was called and it seemed God was saying to me, « Go on, I’ve done what you needed me to do, now GO with my blessing. « 

We really do not know where, when or how our bouts of spiritual attack will fold because of the provision and shepherding of God.

But, we could very well be more expectant – though it is very understandable that ‘expectation’ is something quite foreign to those engaged in spiritual challenge and vast doubt.

Nonetheless, we never know where the needed encouragement will come from.

When in need, don’t forget to look for it!

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