Accueil Non classé Words of Affirmation to Encourage You Today

Words of Affirmation to Encourage You Today


The words you hear others say to you are not half as powerful as the words that you speak to yourself. Minding your language does not just refer the unkind words you may use to others. I implore you to be good to yourself and speak life instead of death, speak hope instead of discouragement. I urge you to think lovely thoughts, thoughts of good repute. Good Morning Quotes And Images Smell the roses and declare that they are beautiful. Congratulate yourself and commend the fact that you are still on your two feet doing better than ever before. I know that you will make it and it give me great pleasure to just affirm and encourage you with these power quotes as you progress in life.

1. God called you and he chose you, you are the precious in His sight, he holds your life in the palm of his hand, he has never failed you yet and he won’t ever let you go.

2. God knows your name and address and he does not lose sight of you. Even the hair on your head is numbered by Him, and the air you breathe is conditioned to give you life and health.

3. People may call you names that I cannot repeat on this page; never mind that because he calls you His beloved.

4. You who were once a slave have become a friend and he would like to share his kingdom with you, not only that, but to give you ruler ship and dominion.

5. There are many sources of wisdom and counsel but any counsel that does not come from God shall surely not succeed, the counsel of God will prevail in our life and no weapon formed against you shall ever prosper.

6. Your God does not respond to your problem or the loudness of your cry for help. He is waiting for you to just put all your trust in Him and He will prove to you that He has always been there for you.

7. You have been let down, beaten down and trampled upon by others, but today God wants to pick you up from the dust and the dirt and seat you with princes and elevate you to shining star status.

8. You are not too old, too young or « too » short ». People are always trying to classify you and you are sick of it. Let them talk about you without allowing their words to become your reality

I bring healing to your life today by telling you that you do not have to satisfy anyone’s selfish criteria in order to be admitted into their little select groups or networks. No one can limit your admission into destiny except yourself. There is a better life in store for you and you can begin to live it today. God loves you with an everlasting love.

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