Accueil Non classé International Residential School – A Ticket to Foreign Universities

International Residential School – A Ticket to Foreign Universities


It is every parent’s dream to give their children the best schooling experience that can help them get ready for the future. Exposure to different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, advanced learning tools, well equipped classrooms, experienced faculties can give your child the right mind frame to have a panoramic view on complicated global issues. International residential schools hone not just the academic skills of the students but also take care that the students excel in extra curricular activities as well. Residential schools that offer international curriculum have become common. Most of the students in these schools are of foreign origin with varied cultural, linguistic and geographic background. Even local students who want to excel in the global arena seek admission at international schools.

International residential schools are one big global village that offers enriching experience to students who want to get admission into foreign universities. Global schools prepare the blueprint to secure admissions to reputed universities abroad. The choice of the international school rests on the curriculum that is followed by the schools. Both International Baccalaureate and Cambridge A Level programme are globally recognized for higher education abroad. International programmes are much preferred because it focuses on the complete development of the child. Students can hone their language skills with ESL (English as a Second Language) classes. This can help in improving the reading and writing capability of the students in English. The biggest advantage of enrolling in global residential schools is that the school prepares a student to succeed in foreign universities.

There are some nationality specific international schools to cater to a particular country for instance Swiss, French, Japanese and more. Such nationality specific schools accommodate students from different countries to continue their studies without break. Kampala International University The global schools are mostly residential in nature to cater to the overall development of the child. International facilities can help mold the students keeping in mind their future goals. With learning supports at their hand’s reach, students are able to understand the subjects better. The staff members at global schools are highly qualified and trained in latest teaching methodologies. Most global schools bring in excellent teaching staff from abroad to help students get customized to international way of teaching.

Generally speaking, international residential schools are concerned about the size of the class. The student: staff ratio is very small to encourage personal attention to each and every student in the class. Teachers get to know the students better with close interaction and this helps overcome their apprehensions faster. The teaching staff should be a highly satisfied lot to provide flawless education. Hence, it becomes important to talk to the faculty members to understand their love for teaching. More questions put forth will yield better inference on the school’s style of functioning. Residential schools need to give top priority to safety and security of the students. International schools are mostly located away from the hustle-bustle of the city and therefore it becomes twice important to get the security measures right keeping in mind the safety of the students.

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