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How is Laminate Flooring Made and How Do I Protect My New Laminate Floor


How is Laminate flooring made and how do I protect my new Laminate floor?

Laminate flooring has grown by leaps and bounds in a very short period of time. The reason behind the rapid laminate wood flooring growth is the ease of installing laminate flooring. This wood flooring system is a floating floor that has a laminate flooring underlayment on which the laminate floor lays over top of. Another benefit to having a laminate floor system is the durability of the floor. Laminate flooring manufacturers are using new technologies to create a very dense fiber wood core with a very durable top plastic coating.

Constructions of laminate floors

There are basically two types of laminate floor constructions. You have the direct pressure laminate and the high pressure laminate. The two different styles vary in the way they are attached to the core. The direct pressure process is a one step process where they fuse all the layers directly to the core all at the same time by using melamine resins and pressure and heat they are impregnated and together to form a very durable laminate plank flooring. The other high pressure laminate flooring is a two layer process. The first is that the craft paper style sheets will be glued together and using a print film, which is then glued to the core. Here everything is glued together and using high pressure they become very hard and durable.

What is available for Laminate flooring?

The laminate wood flooring is almost invincible to spills, stains, burns and a very high tolerance to scratches. Laminate flooring prices have such a wide range but can offer you just about any replicas of any wood species that you would desire. They will come in a few different varieties such as the single strip, two strips or even the three strips Laminaat laten leggen with micro beveled edges, square edges or just beveled edges. Depending on the quality you are looking for the top finishes and treatments will vary the price of the laminate wood flooring. Because these floors can imitate just about any flooring on the market, your choices for texture and looks give you an abundance of choices such as traditional stone, ceramic tiles and beautiful hardwood.

Caring for your Laminate floor

Laminate flooring is stain and fade along with scratch resistant and with a few preventive maintenance ways you can have your floor last a very long time. First you must follow the laminate flooring manufacturer’s limitations and by keeping their recommendations in consideration you will have a floor that will last forever.

Your Maintenance and laminate wood flooring care

· Place designer mats in front of stoves and sinks along with all the room entrances

· Always have felt protectors under the feet of furniture

· Use chair coasters that are clean and working properly will help

· One of the biggest things you can do is to try and follow the laminate floor manufacturers recommendations for room temperature and what they recommend for humidity levels

Maintaining laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is very durable and not that hard to keep clean. All you have to do is regularly sweep or vacuum with a soft brush. Damp mop the laminate wood floor using a bit of ammonia or vinegar and water being careful not to flood the work panels as you can damage them this way. Some products that are not recommended for your laminate floor are soaps, scouring powder, floor polish or steel wool as these may damage the laminate wood flooring. Always test a product that you are unsure of in a low visible area. If you have to remove a stain use the recommended laminate floor cleaner and mop up to keep any water from entering the joints. Also make sure you use a damp mop and not a wet one.

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