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Bodh Gaya – Popular Destination of India – Pilgrimage Tours


Bodh Gaya is the place where Gautama Buddha attained supreme Enlightenment. It is among the most popular North India attractions which is visited by people of all caste and religion. Though it is a sacred Buddhist Pilgrimage but people from all religion come here to receive blessings. This is the most important of the main four pilgrimage sites related to the life of Gautama Buddha, the other three being Kushinagar, Lumbini, and Sarnath. It is a religious place in Gaya district in the State of Bihar. This religious land is among the famous attractions of North India tourism which is known for Buddhist monuments, temples and monasteries reflecting the historical as well as religious relevance of this place. Some of well known attractions of this place are:

Bodhi Tree:

This is the most sacred pipal tree for every Buddhist which is located in western side of the Mahabodhi temple. It is under this tree where Shakyamuni Buddha, then known as Gautoma, attained enlightenment 2500 years ago. It is said that the present papal tree here is the descendant from the original tree which was destroyed the Ashoka’s wife due to jealousy. lord Buddha This tree is the most sacred place for Buddhists which is visited by scores of Buddhists in specific and devotees of the other religion in general. People who come here circle around this tree so that they can get heavenly blessings and also gather fallen Bodhi Tree’s seeds and leaves as blessings for themselves and to their family.

Bodhi Sarovar:

It is other famous attraction of this place which is visited by scores of tourists who come here every year. According to mythology and religious scriptures Buddha took bath in this pond before going for meditation. This incident heightens the religious importance of this pond. This pond is situated on the west of Bodhi temple. The pond is very attractive place and is worth visiting where devotees perform various religious ceremonies.

Mahabodhi Temple:

This is one of the ancient and most important shrines of India which is located in the east of the Bodhi Tree. It is one of the most sacred temples of Buddhism religion which is visited in large number round the year. This grand structure built on a basement which is 48 square feet rises to the height of 170 ft. On the top of the temple are Chatras which is symbolical representation of religion sovereignty. The temple is adorned with friezes which depicts the life scenes of Gautama Buddha. While on northern side of the temple is Chankramana Chaitya (Jewel Path) which is a raised walkway where Lord Buddha used to meditate while walking.

Diverse culture, amazing monuments, wildlife parks, Himalaya panorama, various religion and varied climate provide diversities to tourists to enjoy their splendid vacations during their North India tours. Bodh gaya is among the popular destinations of North India pilgrimage tours which is visited by scores of Buddhists as well as Hindu devotees round the year.

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