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Trading Currency With High Tech Robots and Other Fairy Tales


Today I am on a rant. I have come out of my seclusion and opened up to the Forex market and forums again. After a devastating injury and surgery I took up currency trading on a full time basis. Since I could only sit and stand for short periods of time I learned all I could about the different systems and automated systems for trading. I had studied the markets for years and kept up with current trading practices. So when I became disabled I was able to step up to the plate and start trading live. This was a really nerve wracking time me as it is for anyone who ever begins to trade currency live.

Now that my story is out of the way on with the rant. A friend of mine suggested I start selling what I know about forex trading. A subject about which I know a good deal and have made a Job good deal of money. He was interested in me writing him a book and him then selling it. We split the profits and live like an internet sales letter. I was a little bit disturbed at him because he know how much I studied and what it took me to trade during that time. He was always looking for a fast buck without much work. Forex Trading is not easy. It takes work, study and discipline to just keep your head afloat. The claims of automated overnight profits is overblown.

A really good trader may succeed with only 1 out of every 3 trades. It is his money management that allows him to prosper. In currency trading it is not how many trades you make or even how many trades you win. It is the amount of money you make or lose on each trade that counts. Even after almost 7 years I still trade mini-lots. That means that when I win it is usually in the range of $30 to $150 per trade. I make about 20 trades a month based on very specific criteria. That criteria stops me out of about half my trades with a small loss. Out of the other half usually 3 of them are breakeven and the rest are all profitable. In a good month I will make between $500 and $1500. I have made as much as $10, 000 in one month and have lost as much as $8, 000 in one month. Twice I have blown my entire account. Luckily a very wise man taught me about money management early on so that all my eggs were never in one basket.

So what really sets me off is all the junk articles I see that are nothing but shameless plugs for the next greatest piece of software or trading system. Almost everyone of them is just a rehash of a program or system that has been there forever. If you are new to the currency market. Visit us at Forex Trading Education We will try to guide you in the correct way to trade without trying to sell you anything. Yes there are ads on this website, but the ads only help to pay the bills so we can bring you new and fresh quality content.

Please visit http: //www. David-Jones. ws to view fresh new articles about trading currency. You will learn not be sold. Please enjoy the content and learn. I have been trading actively and will continue to trade. Most of the forums have begun sales pages for someone or something so I will continue provide information you can profit from.

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