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How To Become A Beat Maker


Do you want to make beats online?

Making your own beats can put money in your pocket, a ticket to your dream home and got it made lifestyle. But you need to be good. You also need to get your music out to people, so they can buy it!

When you watch a music video, you have no idea how much hard work it takes to make. Getting whatever you desire takes hard work and lots of persistence. You need to be able to focus and work hard.

People who don’t succeed, are those folks who are happy to make music just for themselves. You need ambition and talent to make it. If you don’t have what it takes… so long.

When you are not signed to a label or producer, you get to keep 100% of what you earn. Involve a producer and others and they get their significant cut!

Here is the secret to succeeding, now pay attention…

Why become a beat maker?

Your tired of having no money, no life, no dream car or lifestyle. Your greatest difficulty is the shortage of money you need to buy equipment to create that quality studio-like sound. Costs can easily spiral up to $50, 000.

Where in the hell are you gonna find that much disposable income? Most adults barely make that every two years! You want to make beats, you want to get paid for those beats, just how on earth do you come up with the funds?

The cost of using a studio even for a few hours could end up costing an arm and a leg. So, how are you legally going to generate the sort of income you need?

It seems that every where you turn, there is a roadblock erected to stop you succeeding. Fortunately, there is an answer. A low cost way to create that studio sound at a small price that will finally set you on the road to successful music promotion.

How does the sound of making studio quality beats, professionally made with a fantastically, easy to use, software that you can install on your desktop computer? It is possible. Every day could be your ideal day. You get up and make your own beats. You do it all day if that’s what you want.

Not only that, we will show you the easiest way to make money from your beats in the shortest time possible.

One thing to avoid, is online beat maker programmes. MP3 beat makers online are rubbish. The sound quality is tinny and amateurish.

You really do not want to go down this route. Potential success can soon turn into despair when how poor the quality can be. Unless your WAV files are of the highest quality, no professional studio will go near them.

Good quality beats, made with the right software, will sound even better after they have been compress a couple of times. Typically, the software used to convert mp3 to wav is poor quality and will not sound great at all. We’re after quality here.

On the market, there really is only one professionally made software, that is cheap and excellent quality. True, there are loads of excellent beat loopers at affordable prices, but these only make samples.

It’s impossible to make as much on a beat sample. Your require a full bar beat. You need to find new beats by playing around.

A desktop software available at the press of a key is an essential piece of kit. You can do this in the privacy of your own home. You can focus, feel the music, create the best beats you are capable of. Don’t worry if your initial beats aren’t perfect, a good software will alow you to go back over what you’ve created and clean it up.

Easily learn the secrets of creating great beats that will make you a great income. So, you have the greatest beat making software available to you. Your sound is crisp and professional.

Your beats are refreshing and will earn you the respect of your peers and none is every not going to take you seriously again. Now, it’s time to start making some serious money…

Work hard, day and night. Use your passion for music and lay down as many quality beats as you can. The best, most professional of all music producers own hundreds upon hundreds of top end tracks. You need to be the same. Think of how you’ll feel when going to work isn’t like going to work at all. Think how you’ll feel for getting paid for doing the thing you love? That really is the golden ticket…

Never stop creating you beats. Never give up. If it really is your life’s passion, you don’t need me to telly you to eat, breath and sleep your music and beat making.

You have your beats, what next?

You need to upload your beats to as many music selling sites as possible. Exposure is the key to succeed. One of the most popular places to sell your beats is Soundclick. You can also lease your sounds here.

The two distinct ways to sell your music is: Lease your beats or sell them exclusively to whoever wants them. Leasing your music can become a real money spinner. If a rapper wants a beat, he will quite easily pay up to $100 a month for the privilege. You can lease the same beat over and over again, if you wish.

You could easily charge four figure sums to sell exclusivity rights for your beats to one artist. The only downside is that once you have sold exclusivity rights, you have no hold over your beats.

Whether you decide lease or sale, remember leasing songs can bring you in a consistent monthly income whereas selling your rights will bring in one payment and you lose your own rights to the beats. Dubturbo is by far the market leader in the beat making software department. Apart from its low price tag and ease of use, it has the ability to churn out top quality, professional beats. The features it has are a must for anyone who wants to be respected as a top level producer.

For creating quality, studio sounds, Dub turbo cannot be beaten. It’s ability to make 16-32 bar full length beats cannot be beaten. This is not a simply, low end beat looper.

This is real, professional created software for the want to-be professional music makers out there. Dub Turbo gives you the hidden knowledge that will allow you to create the beats that people really want and need.

This great software will also show you the way to sell or lease what you produce. Your life doesn’t have to be dead-end, low paid jobs for the rest of your life. You want to lay down beats, you can do it!

This is the way. No ludicrous studio costs, no time limits on studio time. Do it now from your own home with beat making software at a fraction of the price of studio equipment.

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