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Where to Buy Wholesale – 10 Best Wholesale Places


Are you looking to buy products for your store? You must have to buy from the genuine suppliers that give you best wholesale prices and are reliable to supply you products consistently else it is very difficult to compete with other companies. Before you buy wholesale there are few important things to decide: which products you are looking for your store (some of the high demanding products are clothing, jewelry, electronics), which manufacturers you are interested to work with (brand manufacturers or original equipment manufacturers), if interested to work with brand manufacturers which channel you are interested to buy from there products (authorized channel or independent channel) and which items you are interested to deal in (brand new & current, used or recycle or refurbished, liquidation items).

Where to Buy Wholesale: I found 10 places where you get best wholesale deals or suppliers of the products that you are looking for your store:

STOP! If you’re newbie or unable to buy large minimum quantity required by wholesalers check out my recommendation at bottom of the article.

1. China Due to there incredible low prices and unique product selection china is always being an attractive place for wholesale buying. Also sourcing products from china is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who are looking to sell products under there own brand as you will find many original equipment manufacturers in china who will manufacture low priced high quality products for other brands at low minimum orders.

2. B2B Portals By using their trade board and suppliers directory you can get lots of wholesale offers of the products that you are looking for your store but remember most of the business-to-business portals uses automatic registration process by which any company can be registered with them which results in time wastage and fraud. Some of the largest b2b marketplaces are:




3. Trade Shows I found most of the genuine suppliers regularly advertise in the trade shows of their industry as this way they get lots of serious bulk buyers for their products which is very difficult through search engines. wholesale marketplace Search online for the trade shows of your industry and make sure you carry some proof of your business such as business license, blank purchase orders while going to them as they are open to businesses only. Few of the biggest trade fairs are:




4. Manufacturers – Buying directly from the brand manufacturers or from there authorized distributors is a safe and easy way to get brand name products that you are looking for your store. You can contact the brand manufacturers directly for there dealership or ask them for the authorized distributors of there products in your area.

5. Wholesale Directories – There exists online many free wholesale directory where you can find lots of wholesale suppliers in various product categories from across the world. Beware while buying wholesale list or directory online as most of these are online marketing companies and revealed you suppliers which you can easily found across the search engines and the free directories available across the internet.

6. eBay – eBay has largest selection of wholesale offers which you can find under wholesale lots section of the product categories and is reliable, safe way to trade with other companies as you can check your sellers feedback, ask sellers a question, detailed item description and payment with PayPal which makes eBay marketplace an edge over other wholesale marketplaces.

7. Retailers – If you are struggling hard to find suppliers of the merchandise you are looking to resell its a good way to contact the genuine retailers or eBay PowerSellers of that products. Also its always been good to keep in touch with as many suppliers of the goods you deal in so to pick up the best wholesale deals and have the chance to get the items which are in high demand and are less available in the market.

8. Search Engines – Although there exists many middlemen and online marketing companies across the search engines which may take your precious time and money but you can get lots of genuine wholesalers from three major search engines Google, Yahoo, MSN by running a few good keywords like wholesale liquidators, buy below wholesale.

9. Warehouse Clubs – Warehouse Clubs like Costco, Sams Club, BJs Wholesale Club are attractive to small business owners as they keep there prices low due to no frills format & bulk selling of products. Also there cash & carry concept, offering wide assortment of goods, permanent availability of goods, long business hours makes wholesale buyers one stop shopping for there store products.

10. Wholesale Forums – You will find many suppliers being discussed in various auction, entrepreneur, wholesale forums online. If you are newbie in the reselling business go through various industry related forums online and you will gain lots of information regarding your business in general and if not get discussed with other people there of same industry.

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