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How to Stay Safe and Secure Online


Having recently been the victim of online card fraud, I thought I’d explain a few things that might help others to avoid the inconvenience of this crime and hopefully ensure you don’t lose any money in to the bargain.

First of all, it’s important to understand that if you lose money on your credit or debit card and it wasn’t your fault then you’re not liable. The banks and the companies that take payments using credit cards have in place some pretty strict security and they guarantee that your details won’t be used fraudulently. This being the case, if you find you have transactions that you weren’t expecting and the company can’t prove it was you carrying out those transactions then you don’t have to pay.

The thing to do if you find unauthorised withdrawals is to quickly inform your bank and explain to them that something has gone wrong. Rana Pratap Singh KBC Lottery Manager They should then put you through to the fraud department who will look into the problem, credit the money back to your account and then seek to get the cash back from the company that took the payments.

As far as you’re concerned, the matter is dealt with, but obviously you need to take steps to stop it happening again. Here are some ideas to stay safe.

Install a virus killer

Of course you should have a virus killer installed, but many anti-virus systems are now far more sophisticated and do a lot more than just seek and destroy viruses. Companies have caught on to the fact that the virus isn’t the only way people can get into your computer and cause havoc. Some exploits simply try to get you to hand over your username and password for accounts and this means the bad guy can get access to your money.

So, install a virus killer than has this sort of protection built in and ensure you keep it up to date. The only thing worse than no virus killer at all is one that doesn’t have an up-to-date database.

Randomise your passwords

So many people use the same password across multiple accounts and it’s asking for trouble. Even if it’s a particularly good one, it only has to be found once for someone to go all through your accounts and get in and grab your data.

Of course, having lots of random passwords all over the place means looking after them or remembering them and that can be a problem when we consider the amount of accounts we have access to. So, consider investing in a password management system like ‘RoboForm’ which will look after all your account access details behind one secure encrypted password.

Be careful who you give your information to

No bank will ever ask for your password or PIN. Ever. This is the sort of information you should never share.

Those are just a few really simple ideas to keep you safe online. They’re easy to implement so go and so them now.

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