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Accessorizing to Match Your Outfit


When you have a really good dress then often you will find yourself dying to wear it out and to show it off, and excited to flaunt how good you look in its form fitting fabric or flattering coloring. However while you might have found the perfect dress, you are still far from ready to hit the town and be seen out – if you really want to complete the look then there is a lot of accessorizing that needs to be done to go with your dress and to really make the most of it. Here we will look at the elements you need to consider and how to make sure they look perfect and make the most of your outfit.

Handbags: Handbags are one of the most important and beloved accessories out there. First of all it is important to choose the right handbags so that you can carry your other items with you easily and so that you can keep them safe, but at the same time this makes a huge statement and will need to compliment the dress you are wearing to have the best impact.

First of all then, think about the coloring of the handbags. wholesale jewellery You need a coloring that will suit the dress as well as the mood. Silver bags for instance are well suited to evening affairs while brighter colorful handbags are better suited to days out in the sun. If you have a black handbag then this will go with many evening dresses and look good in the day as well. This is ideal for formal occasions, but unfortunately it might be a ‘bit too much black’ if you wear it with a black dress. This gives you some idea how important it is to have multiple handbags to be appropriate for multiple occasions.

Then think about size. While large bags are fashionable and practical for carrying lots of items, if you want to look elegant and be free to move around easily then a smaller bag such as a clutch bag may be more appropriate.

Shoes: Shoes are the other most important form of accessories. It’s very important that you make your shoes either match or compliment your dress, or match one of your other items such as your handbags. You can even match shoes or handbags to your lipstick, and a bright red lipstick matched with red heels is a very bold and sexy look.

Jewellery: Jewellery serves many purposes for someone hoping to show off their outfits. First it adds a bit of glamour and shine and draws attention. Secondly it allows you to draw the eye where you want it (so a necklace is great for someone with a good cleavage) and thirdly it allows you to make a plain outfit look a little less plain. If you have a black LBD for instance (little black dress) then it’s important to have some kind of sparkle such as a bracelet or necklace or broach to help make it look more exciting.

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