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The Best Way to Make Money With Private Label Products


The best way to make money without using your own product is to use private label products. In a nutshell, private label products are products that are made by one company but sold under different names. The concept can be kind of confusing so let me explain it. Let’s say manufacture A makes computer screens. This manufacture will make computer screens for absolutely anybody but it has to be the same screen. Companies like Sony or Toshiba will then order items from manufacturer A but sell them as if they were Sony or Toshiba products. The fact of the matter is they are the same product, but because of the branding they might be able to charge differently for it. As long as the product is of high quality nobody really cares that companies do this. Obviously Sony and Toshiba don’t do this for large projects, but you can bet they do it for other ones. So how do you make money from this?

You can promote your own private label products and sell them on places such as eBay. private label Probably the easiest private label products you can sell are e-books. All you have to do is make a new cover and say you are the author and you’re all set. You usually have to buy the rights to these e-books which can range from a couple of dollars to a couple of thousand. It all comes down to the quality of e-books really. You don’t have to worry so much about the quality because you can usually read them before you buy them. Just make sure you have the rights to sell them otherwise you might be looking at the business end of a lawyer’s shot gun.

If you’re not the kind of person who likes to sell other people’s products you can produce your own and offer private label rights to it. Wouldn’t it be great if thousands of people came to you and wanted to sell your product? Of course you wouldn’t get money each time they made a sale, but if you charge $100 for somebody to sell your e-book and claim it as their own it wouldn’t be so bad. Even if you only wrote one e-book a week you would only have to sell the rights to about seven or eight people for it to be worthwhile. Most of the time people don’t even read the book when they purchase it, they just want to see dollar signs and frankly you should be okay with that.

You don’t have to just limit yourself to e-books though, you can make all sorts of digital private label products or sell real-life private label products. I just suggested the digital ones because it costs no money to reproduce them. I would start off selling these private label products in digital form and then eventually progress to larger ones.

If you want to make good money though you should start branding your own stuff. Come up with a company name that you can stamp on all of your products of people eventually learn that your name equals good quality. If you had an iPod sitting next to another MP3 player that had a different color and didn’t have the name iPod on it, which one would you rather have? Since people can only see skin deep for products they don’t realize that they are exactly the same sometimes. The only thing that matters to them is that they have an iPod and not just a regular MP3 player even though they might be the same thing.

Branding can be a very useful tool when doing private label products. It doesn’t matter whether you want to sell them or make them because there is plenty of money to be made. The best way to make money with private label products is to pick one or the other and stick with it. Once you have made your first million, send a couple thousand dollars my way, would ya?

I am dedicated to the best ways to make money for you. And, whatever your goals may be, it is totally within the realm of possibility for you to reach and exceed your dreams too.

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