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Are Home Teeth Whitening Kits Worthwhile


There was a time when having exceptional white teeth was reserved for those that can afford the costly procedure and personalities that were gracing the covers of magazines. Unless you really had good genes, took great care of your teeth, and stuck to a healthy diet devoid of foods that stain all your life, your chances of having the perfect dazzling smile were slim to nil. That was years ago though, professional cosmetic dentistry has become very accessible and affordable to most anyone and for those that want an even affordable option, you can opt for teeth whitening kits at home procedures.

We see these over the counter whitening kits almost everywhere. The desire to have whiter teeth has swept the planet and this demand has been answered. Incredibly easy and safe to use, millions of these DIY whitening kits have been purchased each year and the numbers keep adding up. The question here is « do these home whitening kits really work?  » And the answer is « generally. « 

Using tooth whitening kits at home is somewhat like having the procedure done professionally. They both basically have the same concept but over the counter whitening kits are a toned down version of the in-office procedure. You see, such whitening procedures rely on a bleaching agent, commonly used is hydrogen peroxide, to remove the deep stains that have accumulated and hardened not only in the surface of the teeth but also inside the micro fissures and crevices which have formed on our enamel.

Common teeth care products are unable to reach deep down and scrape off these stain causing substances as they are not strong enough and small enough to get in.

The reason why at home teeth whitening kits have less bleaching agent content than in-office procedures is that large amounts of this compound has the possibility of producing risks in unsupervised situations.

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That’s why a person has to follow the instructions fully and should use the product in the manufacturer’s recommended application time only.

Most home whitening kits require multiple applications before they are able to produce any noticeable results. Bleka tänderna The duration and amount of kits that you will need will depend largely on the degree of staining a person has in his teeth and how many shades the person wants his teeth to be whiter.

If you only want to whiten your teeth by a shade or two, you may get your desired results in just a week or two, but for higher shade differences you may need to use the product for a month or more. But for an effective tooth whitening procedure that is comparatively much cheaper, this is a wait that may be well worthwhile.

There are certain factors and situations though where whitening kits at home procedures may not be worth your time and money. For some people they are not even recommended, in fact, they can be risky. People who have cavities and gum problems should first have their problems treated or risk contracting an infection or irritation.

People who are allergic to the bleaching agent should avoid this procedure. Pregnant women should not undergo any tooth whitening procedure as they may swallow the compound and possibly create an adverse effect to their unborn baby.

Another disadvantage with over the counter teeth whitening kits is that you may not get results of even whiteness, especially if you have a misaligned row of teeth. Also, if a person doesn’t follow the procedure properly he or she may not effectively get the lighter results that they desire or maybe even possibly go past the shade recommended for them.

One misconception about home tooth whitening procedures that have led many people to be disappointed is that whitening products such as whitening toothpaste, mouthwash, and gums are sufficient enough to do the job. While these tooth whitening products do contain a bleaching agent, they are very small compared to the already scaled down version of the home teeth whitening kits.

They may be able to remove some of the surface stains but they won’t be potent enough for the deeper causes. These whitening products are best for maintaining whitened teeth and prolonging the lightened condition. If you want a more effective teeth whitening at home procedure, then opt for the whitening tray and whitening strip kits.

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