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Fun New York Attractions – The MoMA


New York is a prime tourist destination. New York attractions sprawl all over the city. One in demand must-see is the Museum of Modern Art which is located in Midtown Manhattan.

The MOMA, as it is popularly called, is an epiphany of modern art. The museum attracts visitors with the distinctive designs of its buildings and faade. This museum has filed over 70, 000 artists including those who work with architecture and design, sculpture, paintings, photography, electronic media and drawings.

The MOMA also supports exhibition of artists by showing off their work on a specified schedule. Now if you are a fan of an artist you might need to go and check if it could be your favorite artist on the next featured exhibition.

This city’s attractions commemorate modern art more than any city in the world. Educators and students from art and film schools buy their way to make schedules for visit. Usually, during Friday of each week the MOMA offers free admission to the public. Midtown Modern Here is your chance to learn and enjoy yourself with out of this world works of art. There is no excuse if you want to learn, right?

What makes the MoMA unique among New York Attractions is its continuous spread of creativity, ideas and inspiration through the art. It doesn’t matter what medium of art you love, once you visit the MoMA you’ll end up adoring everything that you see in there.

The MoMA also releases seasonal catalogs which give you a glimpse of breath taking pictures and drawings with write ups from photographers and artists. It’s also a good souvenir to have. The museum also has a shop where they sell some cool stuff and artwork that are must haves.

A visit to the MoMA must not be missed when wanting to see the many New York attractions. There are two good things about a trip to the MoMA. For one, it can be a relaxing breather from the busy streets of New York. Second, you’ll be learning new things you didn’t know that you didn’t know.

They say to touch art is to touch the mind; to touch the mind is to touch a life. So why not try and let art touch you and let your mind wander to its beauty. You might not imagine how it would turn out unless you plan your day at MoMA, one among the many famous New York Attractions worth visiting.

Plus, visiting New York attractions such as the MoMA is more convenient with a type of tour pass that comes with a guide book with all the info you need on six famous New York attractions. The prepaid admission tickets save you time because you don’t have to wait in the long lines.

What I love about New York is all the destinations. New York attractions range from places of history to places like the MoMA. Every single one is fun and worth repeat visits.

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