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How to Be A Mystery Shopper – Tips to Make You Become a Successful Shopper



If you love shopping, you can actually make money out of this interest by becoming a mystery shopper, also called secret shopper. A mystery shopper is someone who can, of course, shop, dine, buy things he wants but of course, with another purpose.

What makes a mystery shopper different from the normal shoppers is that they are tasked to act like a normal shopper or customer but has other purposes in mind. A secret shopper is someone who will take note of the shop’s customer service, as well as

other services so they can provide feedback to the company or the shop owner on how their employees are receiving customers and how the employees handle customer service, their professionalism, their ability on sales, as well as their knowledge on the products.

If you want to learn how to be a mystery shopper, here a few tips on how you can get this exciting opportunity.

- Prepare yourself to beat competition if you want to learn how to be a mystery shopper. Keep in mind that in presenting yourself as an applicant for mystery shopper, you have to outsmart others as this can be a job that, of course, a lot of people would be interested in. Highlight your experiences that may boost your chances of getting hired as a secret shopper as well.

- Assess your strengths. To learn how to be a mystery shopper, you have to take note that mystery shoppers or secret shoppers are not just tasked to purchase from the store. They may also be assigned to do other tasks such as inquiring services on the store, observing the flow of business,

as well as complaining on a particular service. With this, to be a secret shopper, you have to be a keen observer and a good actor as well. At times you may be asked to memorize a script that you can deliver to the store as part of your task of getting feedbacks.

- Research on mystery shopping companies where you can register. You can start your research on the internet but of course, you have to keep in mind that registration as well as the training, instruction sheets, and manuals are free of charge, thus be wary of scams and other fake agencies.

- Have a commitment. Although being a secret shopper is a fun and exciting job, it does require full commitment. Therefore, you have to be committed to the job to be able to get not only one contract but a few good offers after your first assignment.

Of course, you have to impress your company to be able to get more mystery shopping offers. The more effective you are in the tasks that are given to you, the more work you will be given as well.

- Get a certification from mystery shoppers associations. More Info If you want a good steady stream of opportunities as a secret shopper, it will be advantageous if you can get a certification from mystery shopping providers association.

Of course, if you want to learn how to be a mystery shopper, you have to learn how to be a good actor. You have to follow scripts and make it look real to the shop’s employees. This will help you succeed on your being a secret shopper as well.

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