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Public Speaking – How to Stand Out From the Crowd


Recently I was reading some comments on a forum about ‘finding your voice’ in public speaking. While the writer was referring to your style of delivery, I was surprised by a comment suggesting that you copy or imitate someone whom you admire. I guarantee that if you try to emulate someone else’s style, you will never stand out from the crowd.


Allow me to suggest something totally different. Why not be yourself? You have your own style, your own flavor, your own flair. (If you think you don’t then perhaps public speaking is not for you. )

So let me ask you this? What one thing sets you apart from your competition? How are you different from everyone else in your field?

All you need is to take one thing about yourself, your topic, or your business and market that specialty. There is a speaker by the name of Orvel Ray Wilson whose topic deals with ‘guerrilla’ selling techniques. recrute plusieurs profils Early in his career he donned guerrilla clothing for his speaking engagements. That was a brilliant move on his part because the competition in his field is highly competitive and fierce. Speaking in his guerrilla attire gave him a label and that label was memorable.

If your topic deals with better organizational skills, for example, why not wear a hat that is covered in sticky notes? Something as simple as the hat then becomes part of your presentation. Take it off at some point during your talk and then later put it back on. If you tailor your delivery with the hat in mind, it will become a focal point and you will be remembered.

Clothing and/or accessories are not the only means to stand out. Maybe your topic deals with motivational skills. How do you treat your topic differently than the rest? Perhaps in your presentation one of your main points is focus. Take that word and become The Focus Guru, The Focus Guy or The Focus Gal. Then, during your presentation, bring your title into your talk so that your audience recognizes you with the label.

The possibilities that you can employ to give you an edge over your competition are endless. And, all you need is one.

There are many, many voices in public speaking today. Don’t copy someone else’s techniques. Why not capitalize on that one defining characteristic, trait, style, or idea that sets you apart from the rest? In doing so, you will have taken a major step in finding your voice.

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