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Online Public Relations – Keyword Strategy Tips


Charlotte public relations firm keyword strategy

Charlotte public relations firms entering the online marketing arena can follow a basic keyword strategy for its online marketing and SEO efforts. First a review of keywords is in order: emploi Keywords and phrases are the terms Internet searchers use to find your business when they Google you. What are some key phrases you think searchers are using, and what are some phrases you want to by known for, and found by? Compile a brief list.

Next use Google’s keyword tools such as the Google Traffic Estimator to see if your keywords were good choices or not. By a good choice, I mean how competitive are your terms, and what kind of a match are they for your business?

Bidding on the term « public relations » is probably a bad idea, if you are setting up a PPC (pay per click) campaign. It’s also probably a bad idea to try and optimize your website for this term. The reason is it’s just too generic, and therefore competitive. You need to add words to your keyphrase. Charlotte public relations is probably a much more sensible term to optimize for – as well as bid on – when launching an SEO campaign. But here’s the strategy for gaining almost instant SEO results – while keeping your eye on the prize.

The term Charlotte public relations is a great term, and you want that term in your keyword set and marketing mix. But even that term is highly competitive – at least in terms of gaining initial SEO traction. So what can you do? Well if your office is in Huntersville, you could begin by optimizing your website (and running PPC ads) for Huntersville public relations. Add this term to your website’s meta data, and if you can secure backlinks to your website, do so with this term.

There’s a far better chance you can make headway with the Huntersville term, versus the Charlotte public relations term. Go for both – nail down the Huntersville term in the short term, while working slowly on capturing the Charlotte PR term as you go.

Vince Bank is a teacher, writer and Charlotte public relations professional living and working in Charlotte, North Carolina. Bank writes on topics ranging from media studies and PR, to martial arts and sports performance athletics.

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