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Five Jackets Men Should Add To Their Closet


Jackets are a vital part of every man’s wardrobe. Men need jackets for several occasions and several weather conditions. When going to buy a mens jacket in an online shop or in a retail store, a person can find jackets of different styles, designs and fabrics. However, not all jackets are suitable for wearing in all climates and occasions.

Some of them are suitable for hot weather while others for a cool climate. Some jackets are suitable for formal occasions while others for casual parties and events. Hence, one should have diverse types of jackets, with each catering to a specific need. In general, if one has the 5 jacket types as this article mentions, he can always find the right one among them, which goes with the climate as well as occasion.

Here are the 5 types of jackets every man should include in his wardrobe:


The blazer has a lot of versatility as it is suitable for almost every situation. A blazer has similarity with a suit jacket, but it has a casual cut, double or single breasting and patch pockets without metal buttons and flaps. Letterman Jackets One can wear it for a semi-formal or formal occasion. However, it is also good for regular use. Usually, men pair up blazers with a shirt, lightweight sweater and a tie, or with a polo shirt with open-neck. Cotton pants and grey flannel pants look great with blazers. Blazers also go well with informal clothes, such as shorts and graphic T-shirts.

Military Jacket:

Military jackets provide excellent functionality as they have large cargo pockets in the front. These pockets can store anything like tools, snacks or fishing lures. They offer great comfort since the sleeves join the back of the jacket in a unique way. This arrangement allows free movement on wearing the jacket. Military jackets are ideal for summer because of their lightweight insulation, variety of colors and a fold-down collar.

Rain Jacket:

As the name suggests, rain jackets are suitable for rainy and stormy weather. They are water-resistant or waterproof outfits. Waterproof and breathable materials are present in the fabric of these jackets. Few of such jackets include insulation. Modern rain jackets use special fabrics, such as coated nylons or Gore-Tex. Their features make them suitable for warm and wet weather. These jackets usually have a waist length, and one can combine such a jacket with a rain pant to make a rain suit.

Trench Coat:

Trench coats have fabrics like cotton poplin, cotton drill and sometimes leather. All these fabrics are waterproof materials. These coats are very long, reaching below the knees. Most of these coats also have a detachable insulated lining. This makes the coat extremely versatile, allowing a person to wear them in both warm and cold weather, when he needs rain protection.

Wind breaker:

Wind breakers are thin outer coats with light insulation or no insulation. They resist rain and lessen wind chill effects. They have a light weight, and their fabrics are usually synthetic and shiny materials. Wind breakers mostly have an elastic waistband and a vertical zipper in front, while some also have a hood. One can pair it up with a wind breaker trouser.

These are the types of jackets a man should include in his jacket collection. All of them have a fabulous look. One can buy a mens jacket among these through online stores. Having these jackets would allow a person to go out in any weather, and for any occasion, comfortably.

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