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Halloween Costume Ideas


Halloween means lots of fun and fancy dress costumes. There could be no better costume to mark the night as a pirate. Whatever your pirate hero may be; Jolly Roger, Jack Sparrow, Peg Legs, Treasure or Parrots, you always will become the center of attraction if you wear the right pirate costumes.

Way back into the 13th century BC these pirates emerged as a symbol of anarchy and rebellion as the sea people of the Mediterranean and the Aegean. Today this symbol makes a great fancy dress costume for those willing to go in fancy.

Pirate’s clothes are the key factor. Hence, here are some basic ideas on the clothes that a pirate should wear:

Skirts – ladies who want to avoid wearing pants, the sexy short or the peasant long style skirts are a good choice. Of course, the skirt should look tattered and torn and hence don’t simply cut anywhere you like. Remember you can always wear the skirt again for another occasion, if you cut it meticulously. Or unless, you have always chosen an old skirt for the costume you don’t have to worry how to cut and make it look old.

Pants – Usually black tight pants are worn by pirates. However, if you feel that tight pants don’t work, you can use the baggy type with the bottom portion below the knee cut off. Cut it unevenly in a zigzag pattern just to give it an old look. online watches in pakistan Pants can be worn by women or men going in pirate costumes.

Shirts/Vests – These look usually like a blouse in appearance with long baggy sleeves and huge cuffs and ruffles for both men and women. Over the baggy shirt you can wear a black or a red vest with stripes that run vertically. Make sure you make the appearance of the vest to look old as well.

Finally the accessories for the pirate costume – black or brown boots, a pirate hat, hook hand, a big sash or a belt, hoop earrings, a toy sword, crossbones and skull jewelry, you can use a bandanna instead of a hat if you choose. The wig is important if you don’t have long hair and don’t forget the beads for the hair.

With all these accessories and the best costume you surely will be a great looking pirate. To have some added fun you also can use some chocolate cold coins or toy coins to keep distributing while you move around. The most important aspect is covering one eye with a piece of leather or fabric and the hearty laugh that a pirate will give, especially when he/she has found a lot of treasure at sea.

Create a scary atmosphere this Halloween wearing one of the best and the most famous pirate costumes. You can shop online for the costume and the accessories as well, or you can simply pull out some old clothing from your wardrobe and borrow a few accessories from friends and family instead of spending money on a costume.

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