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Balancing Shift Work and Family Life


Has your spouse been complaining lately that he or she only sees you for a few minutes a day and that is in passing? Have you been missing that special bonding time with your child where you help them with their homework?

Have you been having difficulty falling asleep because your internal clock is all messed up? 먹튀검증 Has your mother complained that every time you call, you wake her up? Have you been feeling guilty about working double shifts to bring in some extra cash and neglecting your family?

Well, you must be a shift worker! Working as a police officer or fireman, in a hospital or factory or in certain departments means that there is a strong possibility you could be asked to work shifts.

Here are some tips to consider if you are a shift worker who may work days, evenings or nights and sometimes even 16 hours when necessary:

Get adequate rest when you are off. If you find yourself unable to fall asleep as quickly as you want, just lie there anyway and think nice, pleasant, relaxing thoughts; or drink a cup of chamomile tea which is natural and helps you to relax.

Make dates with your spouse. If you know you will be working all 3-11 shifts and only see him or her in the morning briefly before she leaves for work, plan for your day off. This way, he or she won’t feel neglected, you have something wonderful to look forward to and it keeps the spark alive in your relationship.

Schedule time with your kids. Make them breakfast or pick them up from school. Be creative and find ways in which you can have meaningful conversation with them. Children are usually very understanding… and to your advantage sometimes, they have a short attention span. So once you give them a good 10 minutes of your attention, they will soon have enough of you and run off to the next task, or for the older ones – their friends, cell phones or computer.

Have a bulletin board. Even without working shifts, families these days are busy. You can use the fridge or designate somewhere in the house to leave notes for each other or post notices for upcoming things to do. It is fun and creative.

Take your vitamins. When you work at different hours, you need to ensure that you stay healthy and you don’t want your immune system to be compromised. Eat properly and try not to eat too much heavy foods at the time that you are preparing for bed.

Make provisions for your family’s safety. If you are working nights and you are worried about your family’s safety, check in with them sometimes or leave the lights on outside or have them drop you to work and keep the car, so people think everyone is at home.

We as humans are adaptable and with a bit of creativity and consideration of the needs of our family members, we can work together to maintain a happy home environment that is not affected negatively by our work situation.

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