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Did You Hear About The Freshwater Aquarium Kit


People of all ages enjoy looking at aquariums. kits Aside from the idea that an aquarium is beautiful, many also believe that setting up an aquarium is a tough undertaking.

They may not have heard about freshwater aquarium kits that will enable them to own their first freshwater aquarium with ease. These kits will eliminate the stress of searching, comparing, and buying individual equipment and accessories.

They make the aquarium hobby more attractive to beginners and also make learning the hobby much easier on the parents who are teaching their kids.

A kit will make it not only easier to learn what is needed for proper set up but also what is required for proper upkeep. As a result, aquarium kits are super popular throughout the world especially with first timers.

Beginners are not just the target market of fish tank kits. There are also high end kits that are customized to fit and complement particular interior designs in homes and offices. They also use top of the line equipment and accessories that promote ease of set up and convenience in maintenance.

Promotional items and many of the latest breakthrough products are also being offered in the newer kits. People are given different options through packages that come with the kits.

For example, one kit may include substrate and decor in the package while another package excludes substrate and decor, but includes a special type of filter or heater. The price, type and style of kit will determine the quality of the equipment included in the kit.

Standard kits consist of a tank, a stand, a cover with a fluorescent fixture, a fluorescent tube, an air pump, air line tubing, an under gravel filter, a power filter, a heater, a floating thermometer, an aquarium net, fish food, some water conditioner and pebbles.

Small table top and tiolet base kits are available for children and adults alike and make a great first fish tank. These kits come in 2. 5 to 5 gallons and are also ideal for small offices and classrooms.

They are great for kids and can help the kids understand the basics of taking care of something that is alive at an early age. These kits are easy to set up but do not include the substrate, decorations and fish.

The kits do include the tank, a quiet flow filter (with cartridge), a light hood with one incandescent bulb, some water conditioner and a premium fish food sample, and the aquarium set up and care guide. For beginners, these kits are the best start up aquariums they can get their hands on with minimal budget and time.

Specialized freshwater kits are offered in a series. They offer the basic set up and vary on the size of the tank. One of these specialty kits are the Eclipse System series.

It boasts 3 stages of filtration, easy set up and operation, and no tubing or noisy air pump. It has a biological filtration system called the BIO-Wheel. It contacts air and water as it rotates and provides oxygen to bacteria that remove ammonia.

The BIO-Wheel does not get clogged and is practically maintenance free. It has an injection- molded acrylic tank that provides a 360 degree viewing option.

Included in these fish tank kits are a food sample, some water conditioner, a basic light, a basic filter, a matching filter cartridge, an acrylic tank with a matching hood and the BIO-Wheel for movement of water and nutrients.

Other specialized aquarium kits are called River Treasures complete aquarium kits. They come with cylindrical acrylic tanks. These tanks have custom built top and a base crafted with non-toxic materials and comes with a 3 stage submersible filtration system. You can easily remove and clean the accessories and parts of a kit which is another plus. The kit includes some substrate and a heater.

There are small to medium sized freshwater aquarium kits that range from 10 to 50 gallons. In this category, there are packages that have plenty, but stick to the simple equipment and accessories like the standard kit that was mentioned earlier.

The giant type of fish bowl aquarium complete with a 5 stage filtration system in the bottom, is also very popular but has 10 times more water capacity than the standard goldfish bowl. The kit comes with a tap water conditioner, a biological filtration booster, a 10 watt halogen light, an air pump, and an instruction manual.

There are also compact aquarium systems with built in light and filtration which allow for convenient set up. They have an advanced filtration and improved lighting system and include a protein skimmer, UV sterilizer, a mini hydrometer and a customized stand.

An aquarium that is fit for either the home or office and that is a designer tank is the Fluval Edge Aquarium. It has a hidden lighting and filtration system and includes filter media, a tap water conditioner and a biological aquarium conditioner.

High end freshwater aquarium kits are for huge aquariums. There are packaged with custom cabinet stands and a canopy. Many plants, rocks and accessories are well suited to go into a high end fish tank.

This one includes a shatter proof heater, an underwater pump, a system of lights that can be accessed without taking the lid off and very efficient water flow and filtering systems. These types of aquarium kits are for affluent hobbyists who have plenty of money to spend.

Aquarium dealers and traders came up with kits to give the hobbyist and aquarists plenty of choices among the various equipment and accessories in the market. If these items are offered in a package, they have a greater chance of being purchased and utilized by the consumer. In a kit, components and accessories are properly matched with the aquarium.

Beginners will have a sort of learning kit where they simply read the detailed instructions from a written guide and apply what they have read. With everything that they are going to need in the box except for the fish, the rocks for the bottom of the tank and some decorations, all of which they can get when they purchase their kit making getting an aquarium this way, convenient as well as easy to learn and easy to set up.

Who else wants to have a thriving, happy aquarium and get the skinny on aquarium kits. Learn more at: and sign up for our free freshwater aquarium email mini-course.

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