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Libido Boosters: 11 Ways To Get Your Sex Life Into Overdrive


Are you feeling no spark in your relationship anymore? You don’t feel the overwhelming urge to grab your partner and kiss him or her senseless?

Well don’t fret relationships can ebb and flow like the tides and if you are in one of the low points there are several ways you can reignite your sex life. Here are some natural libido boosters that can put the romance back in your relationship.

Aphrodisiacs. Aphrodisiacs have been around for as long as there are sexual needs. If you’re looking for natural libido boosters you can’t go wrong with foods that are aphrodisiacs. libido booster Foods that are libido boosters can look sexually suggestive, like peaches or they contain vitamins and elements that are good for libido.

Oysters are a great example of a food that has been hailed as an aphrodisiac not only because eating it is very sexually stimulating but because it also has zinc which increases fertility.

Tone down the drinking. Alcohol can help you overcome nerves in a date but imbibing too much can lead to many less desirable effects not the least of which is looking like a bumbling fool in front of your date. A few glasses of wine can get you in the right mood but downing the entire bottle can only lead to a muddled head and a loss of libido.

Don’t smoke too much. Smoking is not only terrible for your health but it has an adverse affect on your sex life. Smoking can lower your stamina and it affects blood flow to your sexual organs. If you want libido boosters, then don’t smoke before a date. Don’t have terrible manners and subject your date to bad breath and a hacking cough.

Exercise. Not only is exercising perfect for an overall healthy lifestyle it’s also one of the great libido boosters. Endorphins released after exercise will give a healthy glow and give you energy. Try exercising before a date and see how well you feel.

Stay within your weight range. Being thin is not only a matter of vanity but staying within your right weight will help the flow of blood to your sexual organs. If you’re overweight you won’t have the same stamina as someone in prime shape.

Eat right. Eating the right amount of fruits and vegetables makes you healthy and is among the best libido boosters. The right vitamins and minerals will maintain a healthy body as well as the right blood flow to your sexual organs.

Learn a stimulating massage. Your partner will thank you for this. There’s nothing more erotic and at the same time show so much caring than giving your partner a massage. If your partner is stressed or tired a good massage will perk him or her right up. With the right mood lighting and music playing in the background, a light massage can lead to something more.

Try some natural remedies. There’s no magic pill for sexual mastery but for your libido herbs can be a great way to enhance it. Yohimbine has long been used, along with others, as libido boosters in some parts of Africa. Another herbal remedy is the gingko balboa tree. It has been known to improve blood flow to the sexual organs.

Chocolate. Chocolate has amazing properties that can be a libido booster. However you can’t just eat one bar of chocolate, you need to have the right chocolate to partake of chocolates arousing properties.

You need good quality chocolate with a high cocoa content. This type of chocolate has the hormone called phenethylamine, which studies have found to be the cause of the feeling of love.

Abstinence. You might wonder how abstaining will enhance your love life but it actually makes a lot of sense. Deliberately restraining yourself from sex will only make you want to have it more. There’s no better incentive for man to want something if they can’t have it.

Woo your partner. If you keep the romance alive in your relationship you won’t be worried about losing the spark. A romantic meal can be a great libido booster as well as a way to strengthen your relationship. Take the time to gaze at your partner’s eyes over a candle lit meal. Foreplay is also a fantastic libido booster.

Wanting to explode your sex drive and getting your libido up is something that you may have thought you would never be able to do depending how long you’ve been working at it.

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