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Frozen Drink Machine: Buying Tips


Why is a frozen drink machine such a popular party addition? The main reason is that it can help you make some of the most popular frozen party drinks. Most models of frozen drink machine are flexible enough to make a variety of drinks including frozen coffees, cappuccinos, lemonades, smoothies, and frozen mochas.

How does frozen drink machine do its magic? They are really simple to use. Just add ice to ice reservoir or blending jar, add your syrup recipe to the blending jar, choose the type of drink your making on the control dial, and start the machine. In a matter of minutes you will have party drinks ready for your family and friends.

What should consider when buying a frozen drink machine for home use?

Manual or Automatic

A manual model is designed for smaller batches like those needed at small get-togethers or for personal use. It’s a little more work than an automatic model, but for those who like to control all parts of the process to insure the perfect texture and flavor, it may be a better choice.

On the other hand, most automatic models are designed to produce more drinks faster and with less intervention. They are ideal for larger gatherings where the host who wants to be able to enjoy a drink with guests without having to spend most of their time making them.

Most automatic models have the option of operating automatically or manually so you have complete control.

Drink Types

Most frozen drink makers have the capability to make a variety of drink types. Some common frozen concoctions that are covered by most models include smoothies, coolers, slushies, freezes, and juices. Some models come with multiple blending jars so you can make different types of drinks simultaneously to cater to your guests’ favorites.

Drink Capacity

You must decide whether you need to make a lot of frozen drinks simultaneously or if you need to make several different types of frozen drinks to satisfy your guests. If you need to make different types or a lot of one type, you need multiple blending stations or a larger single blending station.

Ice Capacity

There will be no frozen drinks without ice. Single blending jar machines typically have smaller ice reservoirs and can make only a limited amount of drinks before having to be replenished. Larger machines and multiple blending jat machines have large ice reservoirs to support making a larger volume of drinks.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Drinking a wonderful frozen concoction is easy, making one is a little bit harder though easier with an automatic frozen drink machine, but cleaning up after a party is hardest of all. Fortunately, when it comes to a drink machine, most of the action happens inside the blending jars, so cleanup is not as bad as it could be. Most models have dishwasher-safe blending jars and an easy-clean exterior. alcohol delivery service vienna Stainless steel and some plastics make cleanup easier.


It doesn’t matter how nice a drink maker looks or even how it performs if it’s going to fail after a few uses. Look for durable, lightweight, shatter-proof plastic blending jars and durable construction, materials, and finishes. Also, a long warranty goes a long way towards peace-of-mind.

If you’re the ultimate party host, buy a frozen drink machine with plenty of capacity, a durable design that is easy to clean, and easy-to-operate system controls.

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