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The Creation of Game Shows


The Game Show has over the years become one of the most popular forms of television, especially on American TV. Game Show trivia will show that many of the games shows on television are among the longest running shows on the air, and are among the best watched in daytime television. The last several years have also seen a resurgence in prime time games which have enjoyed some huge popularity as well.

An interesting point for a Game Show quiz is that the form itself is almost as old as broadcast TV, dating back to 1938. The show was called, « Spelling Bee ». Since that show, there have been many hit gaming shows that have entered the halls of the most well known games on television. Hits like « The Price is Right », « Wheel of Fortune », and Jeopardy ».

Game Show trivia will show that the hosts of these televised games where customers play for money or prizes have become massive celebrities in America. Jio kbc lottery winner A good example of this is Bob Barker, who was the host of the price is right for many years before retiring in 2007. The show continued however, with a celebrity taking over the hosting; Drew Carey.

This is a sign of a trend that has taken place in game shows. Because the hosts have achieved such high celebrity, there has been a trend of hiring celebrities to host game shows. This has especially been true in some of the prime time games which have been such huge hits in the last decade.

This trend of prime time hit games is best demonstrated by the hit « Who Wants to be a Millionaire » which was hosted by Regis Philbin for years before being taken over by Meredith Vierra.

Other shows have followed in this formula, such as 1 VS 100 (Hosted by Bob Saget) and Deal or No Deal (Hosted by Howie Mandel. A game show quiz will show that there are a few things which separate these prime time shows from their daytime counterparts. Most notably of these is the size of the prizes.

Daytime and evening game shows typically have prizes that are much lower than the prizes of their prime time counterparts. This is due largely to the larger audiences that these shows draw, allowing for larger advertising revenue to fund prizes. Prizes on these evening shows range into the millions of dollars.

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