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First-Time Buyers Excluded From Ferrari Market


High Ferrari prices make it difficult for young professionals to buy but that’s the point. With the price of the average brand new Ferrari now in excess of $200, 000, many young people opt to rent a Ferrari for the weekend, while others decide to split the cost of a second-hand Ferrari. Both are suitable alternatives if you are looking to get behind a Ferrari wheel, like now. rent Ferrari Dubai As there is no walking into a Ferrari dealership and driving off the lot the same day.

Ferrari dealers only deal with repeat customers. When a young person goes into buy a Ferrari they are told to start with a used car. Pus, even repeat customers now face up to a three year waiting. The problem with this waiting list is that by the time you’ve ordered your Ferrari F430 coupe in 2007, you may not get it until 2009 or 2010.

And in that time, a new model may have been launched, effectively superseding the model you originally ordered. Point two is that demand is outstripping supply. So how do you get into a Ferrari now?

For starters, get your mind off the idea of « brand new.  » Look at buying a Ferrari as an investment. Most don’t just go and buy the first mansion they see, people look for the best deal. When you find the house, you fix it up and care for it regardless of whether you will live in it or flip it.

Its essentially the same concept with a Ferrari and a true Ferrari aficionado is always looking to trade up or add onto the collection. Don’t wait to own your own Ferrari until your 90, get one in your 20′s, enjoy it, keep trading up and adding on.

This is the exclusive nature of the Ferrari. Look for local second-hand dealers but be careful because its easy to get ripped off. The internet is a wondrous place, we have had great success buying and selling with sites like eBay Motors. You just need to gain some experience with the good auctions.

Study up because if you understand the way Ferrari’s and Ferrari prices work, you will have a better chance of finding the best deal. Thus, increasing your money, sometimes tripling it.

A study by the British Ferrari Owners Club (BRIFOC) found that young professionals, including nurses, teachers and policemen, now have to borrow 7. 5 times their salary just to get on a waiting list for for the basic secondhand F430. Not every average person is meant to own a Ferrari, thats why Ferrari is a status symbol.

Our suggestion is to find a luxury rental company and rent a Ferrari for as long as your little heart desires. Don’t ever forget that owning a Ferrari is a privilege not a right.

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