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Why Live Wedding Party Bands Are The Best


If you have been wondering how to choose a live band, then keep reading! Wedding Photographers Singapore If you are the event organizer for weddings, or other party such as birthday or graduation party, these days it is very important to select a band that provides live entertainment that appeals to a large cross section of guests attending the event.

As you have probably already worked out, planning an event is a huge undertaking. So many different details and plans that have to be worked out.

Of course one of the most important things is the organising of the entertainment. Most people choose to have music at their event.

There are different ways that one can do this. The most common two are obviously a DJ or a live wedding band. Live bands are definitely the best but only if you get the right one. What things should you look out for?

The first step to choosing a wedding party band that the guests will really enjoy so why not ask some of your guests what type of music they want? Many event coordinators forget that it is the interests and likes of the guests that matter and not just their own taste in music.

A really good idea is to try and see the band performing live. Many bands do showcases that you can attend which are normally done in small venues such as clubs and pubs. If you can’t get to see them live at least get them to give you a demo CD or preferably a video which will give you a good idea of their suitability for your event.

Vitally you need to know what level of professionalism the band are at. Find out the length of time they have been together as a group. Find out more by looking at the biographies on their website. This should give you a good picture of how professional the whole band is.

The band should have a website and this is definitely the best place to start your search. On the site you should find photos, recorded music, and if you are lucky a video. All bands should have a website these days.

Hopefully you should be able to find some testimonials on their website. This will show you how much their previous customers enjoyed their music. Also see if you can find the bands repertoire; make sure that the songs they play are what you want.

Try searching for a music band which will appeal to different types of people. For example progressive jazz or heavy rock appeals to only a small majority of people. Something like 70′s soul or disco music appeals to most ages.

Of course the price the band charge is important. Negotiate a fair price with the band manager. Once it has been agreed get it put down in writing. You will then need to pay a non refundable deposit to secure your contracted date.

Remember that the band is likely to have travelled a long way to play, so be sure to provide them with food and drink. Ensure you give them a timetable of events so they know when they are expected to play.

Remember that the band is likely to have travelled a long way to play, so be sure to provide them with refreshments either before or during their performance. Make sure they have a written timetable so they know when they are expected to play.

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