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Tips on Hiring a Live Band For Your Wedding


There are many forms of wedding entertainment for your reception. Wedding Singers Singapore You can choose a DJ or go for a live band. Each option has its advantage and disadvantage. The live band will favor a wedding with a formal or traditional theme. It is best for elderly couples or one with a lot of elderly guests.

Live band can be very exciting. It makes the occasion pick on an elegant format and the sound of the music brings great refreshment to the guests. Like all forms of music, live band must be chosen with utmost care.

If you are not leaving the provision to your wedding planner, then you have to consider a lot of factors to be able to provide what will suit your occasion best and also entertain your guests to the optimum.

Fully discuss how long you want the band to play. Many bands play for a few hours at one place and then honor another assignment. If you want to keep them for the whole day, let that be noted in the contract so your guests are not left asking after a band stops playing after a few hours. Be sure about their competence.

You need live band for a formal wedding reception. This is a time you expect many elderly guests. The band should be able to play something elegant and formal. They must have easy to listen to tunes so they can appeal to the invitees and get them to dance or appreciate the music.

Live band provides a rich, classy way to entertain your guests. The presence of the bandsmen and the use of instruments provide a different way to entertain your guests. By breaking away from CD or DJ based sound, you are giving your guests something more authentic and exotic in their entertainment.

For more fun, you can ask the bandsmen to play music specially composed to celebrate the love of the couple. There could be other compositions to thank the guests for their attendance. They will leave the occasion with full of memories about the event.

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