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Benefits Of Online Piano Lessons


Have you considered taking online piano lessons? Thanks to the internet it’s as easy as turning on your computer. Online piano lessons can offer many benefits that you don’t get with traditional, « one-on-one » teacher/student instruction. Here’s a list of a few:

Cost Effective

Most of the online piano lesson programs you can find for $50 or less which makes them cost effective. When you compare that to traditional piano lessons you can get a complete online course for the price of two or three private piano lessons. Piano Classes for Kids Singapore There are also quite a few programs that offer free beginning introductory lessons to get you started.

Considering how gas prices have risen lately, you’ll be saving a small chunk of change by staying at home instead of driving to the music studio.

Fun Games

Children tend to find individual piano lessons too serious and boring but when you can make learning fun, it can dramatically increase the students interest in a subject. Most kids like games, especially ones on the computer. Many of the online piano lesson programs offer fun games to help the kids read music.

These games get kids so excited they’ll be begging you for more computer time so they can complete the next lesson, and in the process they’ll be fast-tracking their musical knowledge.

Repeating Lessons

A very big plus with enrolling in online piano lessons is the ability to repeat or review areas where the student is having trouble. I found when I was taking private piano lessons, I never quite understood all that my teacher tried to teach me.

I believe the ability to replay the online lesson will dramatically increase the learning curve for children as well as adults. The other advantage is being able to go at your own pace and taking lessons only as far as you can fully understand the material.

Time Savings

Online piano lessons will save you time from driving to the teacher’s house or studio. Everyone these days has a busy schedule, and the nice thing with online piano lessons is being able to take the lesson when you want and not when the teacher can work you into their schedule.

Trying Before Committing

As stated above, free online piano lessons allow you to try piano lessons out before you shell out any money. Online piano lessons may also be a primer to try out before going to a private teacher for the same reasons.

There’s no sense in spending a lot of upfront money until you know that piano lessons are something you really wand to pursue.

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