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Deciding On A Funeral Service


There are two types of ways to be buried after death – a cremation or burial service. At least with a funeral one gets buried for sure. Cremation is to have one’s body burned at a high temperature. This is so efficient that only ash remains and is nowadays a far more affordable option than a burial.

The remains as they are called are then placed in a little box and may be buried, kept or the ashes may be strewn at a special place of remembrance.

Some cemeteries also have a wall of remembrance where these little boxes are put into a wall for the family to revisit as and when they want. It therefore allows the same benefit as a grave, it is just the space it occupies that is different.

Usually a person will draw up a living will, where in his or her wishes are contained. These wishes could include what kind of ceremony they want done after their death.

And also instructions as to if they want a cremation service or a proper burial. Buddhist Funeral Services Singapore This depends solely on the person of interest drawing up the will and should be honored by all family and friends.

The burial place or any other resting place might also be catered for in this document. The person might want to be laid to rest in their family grave yard or would love being set free on the winds of the sea.

Perhaps there was a special place on a hill or a hiking trail or other personal location that meant something to the deceased. Anything goes today and the last wish contained in the will carries more strongly than any religious act could.

Some people think about the funeral expenses when they draw up their final will. They organize the family gathering and the method in such a manner that it does not put financial strain on those who have to stay behind. Some make provisions from an early day but others are more careless.

It may be up to the family to decide what type of burial or cremation one might have if none have been specified or the money available are too little to cater for a proper funeral.

Therefore leaving funds in place ready or even pre-arranging your funeral service with a local funeral home is always advised to relieve remaining family members of the financial obligation.

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