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The Truth Behind Skincare Reviews

We all would like assurance that we are choosing the best skincare brand. Some of us may turn to skincare reviews in order to assist in making that decision. best beauty products What you may not know is that most skincare reviews available contain very little truth.
Most skincare reviews are generated either by the manufacturer of the product, or those contracted to sell or market the product. Obviously, these parties have a vested interest in claiming that the product in question is the best skincare brand.
In order for a skincare review to be valid, the products should be tested and evaluated by outside parties that have nothing to gain or lose from the results of their findings. This is the only way that the consumer can be ensured that a product is both safe and effective.
Most skincare reviews will mention one or two ingredients in a product. These are the active ingredients that make the product the « best skincare brand ». What they conveniently fail to mention is all of the other things contained within the product which may not be so beneficial. In fact, many products contain compounds which can be harmful.
For example, many products contain parabens. Parabens are chemicals which serve as preservatives, and carry with them heavy risks. They disrupt the endocrine system by affecting the body’s production of estrogen, and are also linked to increased risk of developing cancer, particularly breast cancer.
Rather than relying on skincare reviews which may be less than honest, the wise consumer should educate themselves. Which ingredients should we avoid? Which are safe? Which cosmetic brands contain safe, effective ingredients without risky additives? This can assist in guiding decisions about which products to buy.
The best skincare brand should contain no chemicals such as Botox alternatives or parabens. There are also certain organic materials that we should watch out for such as collagen derived from bovines or swine, or moisturizers with a petroleum base.
Though these are natural ingredients, they are ineffective. Non human derived collagen provides only temporary results, and then only when injected. Topical application does nothing at all for human skin.
What we should be looking for are skincare products which contain antioxidant rich natural ingredients, natural moisturizers which are plant based, and those which provide high levels of hyaluronic acid such as Phytessence Wakame Japanese sea kelp extract.
In order to be the best, a skincare brand should also contain Functional Keratin. Functional Keratin is a naturally derived protein extract which actually stimulates the body to produce more of its own natural collagen, which leads to long term improvement of the skin.
By understanding the benefits and risks of the ingredients contained within a skincare product rather than relying on biased skincare reviews, the educated consumer is in a strong position to choose the best skincare brand.
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