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Learn Ninjutsu – The Weapons of the Ninja



There is a very common misconception about the weapons that the warriors of ancient Japan used. People tend to think of things like nunchuku (« nunchuks »), shuriken throwing blades, and staff weapons as cool martial arts weapons designed for the purposes we use them for today.

In reality most all of these things were common tools laying around, within arms reach. Outside of obvious weapons like the katana ‘Japanese long sword’, or the yari ‘spear’, most were everyday items used by farmers and carpenters.

In this way, the warrior was never unarmed, nor did he have to worry about having an illegal weapon confiscated. This is similar to you or I going to the hardware store in modern, Western-World, and training with rakes and shovels. While this may seem silly, keep in mind that most of those « cool martial art weapons » were just that.

It is important to look beyond the form of the weapon and see that anything can be used for self defense if we understand the principles behind the type of tool we are using. Weapons used by the ancient Samurai and Ninja of Japan have five general classifications, which make it easier to learn and therefor « use » any object that we pick up.

The 5 Weapon Classifications within the art of Ninjutsu include:


Bladed – This includes any sword or knife-type weapon. rossi circuit judge in stock There are many swords and knives of great beauty and deadly quality that have come from ancient Japan. Keep in mind however that you probably have dozens of these types of weapons in your own kitchen.

Stick – Ninjutsu training deals with the use of the Rokkushaku Bo or 6 foot staff, as well as the hanbo half staff, and other hand held stick weapons. However, mops, pool cues, closet dowels and other such items can be used efficiently as a result of training with more traditional weapons of the same type.

Flexible – The kusari-fundo, ‘weighted-chain’ is a classical Ninja example of a flexible weapon. While chain has certain benefits, even rope and cord can be used to ensnare, trap, and even just hit an attacker. In addition, the martial arts belt is a durable and practical example of this type of weapon.

Projectile – Any weapon that moves through space to hit an opponent at distance falls into this category. Guns, bows, blowguns, darts, and shuriken (aka ‘throwing stars’) are all great examples. Keep in mind however that any item that can be thrown with a consistent method makes a good projectile. Humans have used simple rocks this way throughout our entire history.

Capture 3

Combination – Weapons such as the spear, naginata (‘halberd’), kyoketsu-shogei (‘hooked-dagger and weighted rope weapon’), combine principles of multiple weapon types.

These weapons are impossible to understand without knowing the fundamentals of the categories that form them. Modern and practical weapons of this category could include items like a phone cord with the receiver still on it, or a tree trimmer (the type with the saw at the end of a long pole).

Are you serious about mastering the art of ninjutsu, or just curious about what gives this system its power? Do you want to know what it takes to progress through the levels of self defense mastery in this powerful martial art.


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