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Not Using Audio books – Use Them For Entertainment

Use Audio books to keep your self entertained.

Spectacular methods to entertain your self while doing other activities.

1). I was reading through a forum one day and saw this as a complaint. The audio book is boring because of a reader that is monotoned and boring. This really is a knock against audio books that are not done with professional readers.

If you are on a long or even short drive, you would not want to be put to sleep while listening to some one that is boring. I have not been exposed to this as almost all of the books I’ve listened to have professional readers or productions that have sound effects and music to make the book more exciting.

When you read to your children, don’t you put a little excitement into your reading to make it more thrilling?

Some of the books I have listened to have multiple readers. mp3 juice They will use a reader for each one of the characters used in the book to make it even more interesting. Some times it will be a play that they have put on and recorded. Now, That’s entertainment!

2). Speaking of entertainment, how about when you are cleaning the house. How boring! Well, we know you cannot read while doing house work! You cannot even listen to music if you have the vacuum cleaner running unless you have it on your ipod, mp3 or stereo with wireless headphones or a long cord.

If you are going to listen to your headphones, why not « read » an audio book.

3). If you are into sports it is very difficult to read a book while watching the event. Even if it is on TV, it is hard to concentrate with the volume on and you’re constantly distracted.

So the only logical thing to do is listen to a book instead of reading one and you can watch the event while it is occurring.

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