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The Three Best Choices For a Solar Hot Water System


Do you believe you can’t afford the extreme costs of a specialized solar hot water contractor, here is the solution, a DIY installation. Do you want to have a solar hot water panel? Go for it!! It is the best thing you could ever do. A DIY system, a specialized contractor who is coming to install the system for you or a pre-build DIY panel are the three options you have. All three of them giving you wonderful benefits with the energy of the sun.

Reduce your energy bill. Heating water is a large part of your energy bill, it can be around the 15 and 30 per cent. A DIY Solar Water Systems or every other Solar Panel can reduce this bill by 50-90%, saving you between $100 and $400 per year. You will not have to fret about price hikes or fuel shortage any longer. The power of the sun is capable of that.

Live environmental friendly. Obama’s energy bill declares that the carbon production of America has to be reduced by 15% in 2020. You will have reached that amount if you get yourself a solar hot water system. You have several options to select from when you want a solar hot water system.

Go see a professional contractor. The simplest, but least economical, as long as you´re not drawn-back (as many of you are) from the extreme out-of-pocket costs when installed by these contractors. You pay about $15.000 for a normal indirect solar hot water system. Bearing in mind a saving on your electricity bill of a maximum of $400 per year, will make a payback within 10 years very difficult. Pre-build DIY Solar Hot Water Installation.

A pre-build system is easier and less pricey. It is a good choice for you when you don’t have the time to build one yourself or you believe you can’t manage to make a whole DIY system by yourself. There are some best-selling ´pre-build´ hot water tanks DIY systems for you that are much less costly than the prices that qualified contractors will charge you for a solar hot water system, but obviously more expensive than a ´starting from scratch ´DIY project. You can make a DIY solar hot water system.

This is the choice where you have to pay the least and it will be the most enjoyable!! Many people think it is very hard to build a DIY system, but it is not! It is in fact, very easy to make these panels. You don’t have to be a DIY black-belt to build one yourself. What is necessary is a great guide that explains exactly what to do.

Having yourself a solar hot water system is one of the best investments in your house you can make these days…. You´ll get the best return on your investment if you make the decision to make a DIY solar water system by yourself. With a small investment you will decrease your electricity bill with a great amount.

Marly Kester (the author) is an expert in renewable energies and energy efficiency for ENERFY. ENERFY is an energy consultancy company advising their business customers on energy and ESCo contracts. Via ENERFY provides energy efficiency and renewable energy tips and tools to DIY-ers, interested in reducing their energy bill and their carbon footprint. For more information of solar hot water systems see the link below..

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