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The Benefits of Using a Pre-Shave Oil


Most men, have problems with shaving. Until you have been shaving everyday for twenty years, it quite normal to experience problems using a razor on your face. Most men have a problem with razor burn and ingrown hairs, especially on and around the neck. Another common problem that men complain of is pain when shaving their upper lip. Direct Developer Price All these problems and more can be stopped with just a small solution, and a small add on to your shaving routine. Pre-shaving oil can be a savior for men who experience unwanted side effects from shaving.

Most men are unaware that there is even an option to apply oil to their face prior to shaving, to minimize the effects of using a razor on their face. Many people have just accepted that this is the way it is, and didn’t know that there is another better way! By using a pre-shave lotion, you can soften those stubborn hairs on your face and neck, so that shaving will be easier than ever before. Not only will using a pre-shave oil help with the stiff hairs it can also help aid your skin and protect it from rashes and razor burn.

Pre-shave oil not only will protect your face and neck from unsightly razor bumps, but it will also help prolong the life of your razor. Whether you shave with an electric razor, or a straight razor, you will notice that you are getting more shaves out of a single blade. As if this isn’t enough on its own, the other added benefit to using pre-oil is that is stop shaving from being painful by softening the hairs.

Many men complain of sensitivity when shaving their upper lip, one of the purposes of using pre-shave oil is to stop this uncomfortable side effect. Most men have accepted that shaving has to be a painful procedure, but this is not the way it has to be any longer!

The whole purpose behind pre-shave oil is to create a layer of protection over your skin, with a special blend of oil. Normally you will see a big difference in shaving when you start using pre-shaving oils, these oils will have many benefits. One of the most noticeable being the fact that it protects your skin by creating a layer over the skin to protect from the repeated contact of the razor.

Another great thing about pre-shave oil, is that it contains emolients so it really softens the hair and makes your skin slippery as to avoid a lot of friction. It allows the razor to glide across the skin very easily. An example of this type of product is No. 8 Shave Oil by L’Avenir, also what is inside of the pre-shave oil are ingredients that will also help to penetrate deeply into your skin and help relieve some of the irritation.

It will also calm the skin and regenerate the skin cells in the epidermis. There are also some relaxants in the oil as well. There are many different ways to use it, and what is also really interesting is that it can also be used as a shaving oil, and it is an all natural oil designed to provide a clean and efficient shave.

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