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Top Tokyo Landmarks – Where Will You Go?


Every year, millions of people from different parts of the world come to see the top Tokyo landmarks and monuments that can be found all round the city. One of Tokyo’s main attractions is that it’s a melting point of different architectural styles. There are structures and landmarks that are hundreds of years old, while some are just a few decades old. You get to see a unique mixture of traditionalism and modernity during a visit to this capital city.

Tokyo Station, built in 1914, is an important landmark not just in Tokyo but for the entire country of Japan. It is the grand central station of the Japanese railway system which is considered one of the most modernized railway systems in the world today. Tokyo Station also happens to be one of 2 terminals in Tokyo for the world famous bullet trains which connect major cities across Japan.

The Imperial Palace is one of the best known Tokyo landmarks. During the Shogunate, the feudal military rule in Japan, the Imperial residence was in Kyoto. It was relocated to Tokyo only after the shogunate was abolished. The Imperial Palace was badly destroyed during the WWII, however, it was rebuilt in the exact same style and continues to attract scores of tourists every year. It is worth mentioning that the general public are allowed to enter the palace only twice a year – on January 2nd and on December 23rd.

Tokyo Tower is very popular with both locals and tourists visiting Japan. Standing at a height of 333 meters, this tower is 13 meters taller than the Eiffel Tower, a similarly designed structure in Paris. If you are looking for a bird’s eye view of Tokyo, you can go to the two observatories here – one at 150 meters above the ground and another one at 250 meters above the ground.

The Tokyo Earthquake Memorial, also called the Tokyo Memorial, has a sad history. It was founded in 1930 to commemorate the hundreds of thousands of people who lost their lives in the massive earthquake that hit Tokyo in 1923. It was then called the Tokyo Earthquake Memorial. In 1945, a series of U.S. air raids almost destroyed the city and again a huge number of people lost their lives. landmark After the war, the name of the memorial was changed to Tokyo Memorial to commemorate the lives of the victims of both the earthquake and the air raids. To date, two memorial ceremonies are held here each year – one for the earthquake victims and one for the air raid victims.

The Japan Calligraphy Museum is yet another top Tokyo landmark. As the name suggests, this museum displays some of the finest works of calligraphy. The main collection here consists of more than 3,000 pieces, an enticing treat for art lovers.

The Rainbow Bridge is a two-storey structure spanning a length of 918 meters. The bridge comprises eight traffic lanes, two train lines, a beautiful pedestrian walkway, and some observation towers. You can take a nice stroll along the walkway in the evening and spot several Tokyo landmarks. The surrounding area also happens to be one of the most buzzing wining and dining areas in the city.

Apart from these famous tourist attractions, there are many other top Tokyo landmarks that are well worth a visit including the National Museum of Modern Art, Muscle Park, St. Luke’s Garden, Sony Building, Tokyo Disney Land, the Univers

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