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What About Criminal Identity Theft?


Identity Theft is defined as someone posing to be someone else to access this person’s resources. This can range from a business pretending to be another business to obtain that business’ resource, credit or reputation to a person pretending to be someone else to delay or prevent arrest.

In criminal id theft, a person usually uses someone else’s identity to prevent or delay apprehension. This is usually done with prepared documents like fake passports and fake IDs. This kind of id theft is often used by seasoned criminals, spies and terrorists who have access to resources for the creation of fake documentation.

In the United States, teenagers often use fake IDs to be able to purchase alcoholic beverages legally. They resort to this since the law dictates that people below the age of 21 may not buy or consume alcoholic beverages. fake id They do this by either obtaining a fake ID with all their information but with a different age of birth, or affixing their photo on someone else’s ID.

Although this is a very low level form of identity theft and is technically harmless, this is one of the most common forms of identity theft and may be considered criminal fraud if the real person whose information is on the ID complains about it.

Criminal identity theft is also used by fugitives from the law. People who have escaped from prison or are on the run to avoid arrest use someone else’s identification, like social security numbers and driver’s licenses to avoid apprehension by law enforcement officers. These people usually assume a deceased person’s identity for as long as they can to attempt to live normal lives and avoid the attention of law enforcement organizations.

However, we must not mistake identity theft from assumed identities given by the government. This is usually given to Law Enforcement Officers who will be doing undercover work. This may also be given to witnesses to crimes so they can live normal lives after providing witness statement to a certain case. These identities have very elaborate documentation and are usually produced and totally new identities and do not steal someone else’s.

In most cases, this is given to members of organized crime who have decided to become a government witness against his own organization. This is to ensure that this person is protected from the reach of his former organization once the trial is over.

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